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Call Dr. Blumberg Now: 1-800-366-6570

Call Dr. Blumberg Now: 1-800-366-6570

Online Version

End Your Panic Attacks Once and For All!
Guaranteed – or Your Money Back

Each Session consists of:

  • Video – Dr. Blumberg guides you through the session, just as he would in person
  • Workbook – charts and graphs showing exactly how the doctor handles each aspect of helping his patients live panic-free.
  • Audio – hear exactly what the Doctor says to his patients as if you were in his office listening to his words.
  • Guidebook – review the exact handouts & homework the Doctor gives his patients for their Session wrap-up.
  • E-mail the Doctor – free unlimited e-mail support

Free 30 minute consultation with Dr. Blumberg (first session only)

Dr. Blumberg has delivered the PanicLINK Program to over 5,000 patients. Now, you can benefit from his proven solution to panic- attacks, at a fraction of the cost!

The 12 Session PanicLINK Training Program is divided into Four Phases:

Phase 1-The Take Control Training Method

  • Session 1: How Do I Know I Have Panic Disorder?
  • Session 2: What Makes Panic Tic? The Rules that Govern the Panic Experience
  • Session 3: Take Control Training – Steps One, Two and Three
  • Session 4: Take Control Training – Steps Four, Five and Six
  • Session 5: Real Live Practice: Opening Up Your World Again
  • Session 6: Your Practice Program

Phase 2-Rapid Rebound Skills

  • Session 7: Are You Rebound Ready?
  • Session 8: The Big Picture on the Road to a Panic-Free Lifestyle

Phase 3-Understanding Your Panic Triggers

  • Session 9: Your Four WHY-TRIGGERS
  • Session 10: Your Four WHY-TRIGGERS and WHY-TRIGGER4, The MISSING LINK

Phase 4- Identify the true hidden cause of your panic, Your Missing LINK for permanent panic relief

  • Session 11: The WHY-PANIC MODEL
  • Session 12: The Discovery of your MISSING LINK plus a Bonus Session

Only $49.95 per session – STOP THE PANIC NOW!

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